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BulletUnlike all the other estimating programs out there, this software puts emphasis on the painter and what he really needs in order to produce a professional looking estimate and get his numbers as accurate as possible.

You will get everything you see, all future updates for only $99.00

4 Different Estimating Methods

As most painters know, performing estimates and writing up the proposals is one of the last things they want to do. With this in mind I tried to create a program that would make this as simple as it can get. Instead of just one way to estimate like all the other programs out there, I tried to add them all. For more information on the methods click the link below.
Read more on the different types of methods

Written by a Painter

A good portion of this program has been written off of my personal experiences. Which should make it easier for you to relate to. Also being that I'm a painting contractor by day, I don't have to jack the price up on this program to pay bills. Another nice thing is you don't have to fill out any forms to download the program. Just simply try it out and if it works great, if not then no biggie as I know this program is not for everyone.

Create Nice looking Proposals

You can build proposals directly to Microsoft Word or Adobe Pdfs with just one simple click of a button. Also with one simple click you can create your invoices to Excel or directly to Pdfs. Add your own logos, state license number if you have one, display your web address and more...

Easy to set up

A nice thing about this program is it won't take you hours and hours trying to figure things out. Just simply fill out your company information, add your employees, and overhead, select the amount of hours you plan on working this year and the program will figure your hourly rate.

Just a few features

Getting your overhead, or starting a bid could not be easier

Company Profile for the Paint Estimator

Company Information

  • Easy to get your overhead.
  • Keep notes on all your employees.
  • Allow vacation and sick days.
  • Get your Workers Comp hourly rate.

Company Profile for the Paint Estimator

Materials form

You can enter in you're own materials or use the one I created that covers most of the Benjamin Moore product line.

Be accurate with your materials instead of just guessing, you can add, edit to what every materials you use.

Company Profile for the Paint Estimator

Starting an estimate

When starting a new job, one simple form is all you need to fill out.

Input the customer information, select which employees will be working, The type of estimating method and your ready to start to generate the costs for this job

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